Monopoly slots free spins

Monopoly slots

Creaiton of combinations composed of basic images takes place on active lines according to basic rules. Some elements of the same type must line up, beginning with the first drum. On a separate strip taken, payment is calculated only for the longest chain, although there can be up to 20 sequences in different positions in one back.
Number of payment depends on the ratio of the resulting combination, which can be from x10 to x2000. It is multiplied by the bet made on the line. If there are several chains, the money is added up. At the end of the spin, they immediately appear on the account, because the round for doubling is not offered.

Despite the fact that there is nothing particularly impressive in the graphics, you will not find it less interesting to play in the Monopoly slot machine. Moreover, the gaming machine itself is very friendly to the user, so you can easily find the “Auto Games” button, which will activate the specified number of spins, as well as the “Big Bet” button, which will give access to the game with the Big Bets.

Monopoly Casino game free spins

In the standard game, you play as you would play in any other video slot. At the same time from time to time will come across Wild and Scatter symbols that perform standard functions. The percentage of return in the standard game is in the region of 96%. The second option is a big bet game (Play Big Bet). Once you press the appropriate button, as soon as you open two options for the bet. If you choose the first option, then, placing 20 coins, get 5 spins with a progressive multiplier. That is, the wins on the first back pass with a multiplier of 1X, and on the fifth one with 5X. The second option on Big Bet is a variant in which you have three more (!) Options. But you do not choose here, but randomly.
In the first case, you get all the same 5 monopoly slots online free spins with a progressive multiplier, in the second – 5 free spins online monopoly slots with a multiplier of 5X for each, and in the third you have the opportunity to save the scatter symbols in your places for 5 spins. And that’s what all this is for. The return percentage for such a risky game is 99%! Bonus game Once you get 3, 4 or 5 character scatters, then the bonus game is activated immediately. At the same time, as you understand, you can get these symbols in the standard game and in the game at large bets, only in the second variant you will make it much faster.
In the bonus round, there will be two sets of closed positions before you. The left set hides free backs and backs with a guaranteed win (15 positions). In the right – functions that will accompany you during these most monopoly slots free spins (9 positions). If you received 3 symbol scatterers during the game, then you simply start to open the closed positions one by one from the left row, then from the right one. If you received 4 symbol scatters, then you initially know where the positions on the right are located with the house, just below will explain why you need to know this. If you get a 5 character scatter, then you know where the characters are with the hotel. Each type of symbol in the right row has three positions.
Now about these symbols in more detail. The fact is that when you alternately choose from the right free spins or guaranteed wins, then on the left you will also open positions. As soon as you open three identical positions to the left, then you immediately get such a function and go spin your free spins. Free Spins As mentioned above, during the bonus monopoly slot games you accumulate free spins and guaranteed wins, while choosing a function in parallel. As soon as you get free spins, you start twisting and getting big wins. In this section, it remains only to explain the purpose of guaranteed winnings. You will have a certain amount of guaranteed winnings – these are potential backs that will be scrolled if the main free spins do not give you winnings. Each successful spin takes one unit from the potential one. Jackpot In the video Monopoly slots free Big Event you can play large and large win. Therefore, the developers put a limit on the maximum win, which is $ 250,000! It can be achieved during supercharged free spins at high stakes!
Also you can play monopoly slots online from monopoly slots app at your tablet or phone that will make you feel more flexible.


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